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Security & Allied services :

Subhomrishi Security & Facility Management Private Limited has touched the milestone of serving in the branch of security and allied services for almost two decades. We affirm our position in Kolkata to be unique as we maintain certain upright qualities in our work which make us stand out amid the crowd.


Our Top Class Security Services

We are previously known as Pantagon Auxiliary Force

Security Guard

* Security guard

* Security Supervisors

* Gun Man

* Body Guard

* Bouncer

Allied Services

* Peon

* Carpenter

* Electrician

* Plumber

* Driver

* Housekeeping

Below are the names of companies where we have provided security services

Imperial Tubes Private Limited

Goodricke Group Pvt.Ltd.

Tasati Tea Pvt.Ltd.

Like commercial Pvt. Ltd.

Rossell India Pvt.Ltd.

Tai Industries Pvt.Ltd.

Metal Corporation India Pvt. Ltd.

Chandi Industries Pvt. Ltd.

Padma India Pvt.Ltd.

Bijay Maining Company Pvt. Ltd.

Kathari Engineering Pvt.Ltd.

Satyanarayan Rice Pvt. Ltd.

Drapers India Pvt.Ltd.

Concrete Credit Pvt. Ltd.

Desert Greens Pvt. Ltd.

Flex Tone Industries

Globe Tech Quality Pvt.Ltd.

Rigveda Fashion Pvt.Ltd.

Rei Agro Pvt. Ltd.

Lansdowne Tower Pvt. Ltd.

Autumn Bulliters Pvt. Ltd.

Shine Washing Pvt.Ltd.

SITI Darshan Cable Pvt. Ltd.

Flight Express Pvt. Ltd.

Asian Hotels (East) Pvt. Ltd.

Arham Management.

KCIC Pvt. Ltd.

Sevravi Scientific Industries Pvt. Ltd.

Maple Holding Pvt. Ltd.

Rupa & Company Pvt. Ltd.


Smithy Resources Pvt.Ltd.

Kusum Product Pvt. Ltd.

J.G Industries Pvt. Ltd.

Alex Mercury Pvt. Ltd.

Swaika Vanaspati Pvt. Ltd.

Mint Investment Pvt.Ltd.

Amar Jyoti Udyog Pvt.Ltd.

Kusum Pvt.Ltd.

Aftaab Solar Pvt. Ltd.

Proactive Emergency Pvt. Ltd.

Alex Emergency Pvt. Ltd.

Alex Astral Power Pvt. Ltd.

Uniworth Pvt. Ltd.

Zenith Credit Pvt. Ltd.

Bhiwani Vanaspati Pvt.Ltd.

V.K. Oils Pvt.Ltd.

Bhartiya Sum’s Pvt.Ltd.

Bhagwati Vanaspati Pvt. Ltd.

Britannia Industries Pvt.Ltd.

E.F.L. Food Pvt.Ltd.

Tyroon Tea Company Pvt. Ltd.

Riga Sugar Company Pvt.Ltd.

Lang view Company Pvt.Ltd.

D L X Pvt.Ltd.

Kamala Tea Company Pvt. Ltd.

Dhelakhat Tea Company Pvt. Ltd.

Dollar Industries Pvt. Ltd.

Lux Industries Pvt. Ltd.

Camel Marketing Pvt. Ltd.

Hustan (India )Private Limited

Kumi Agro Industries Pvt. Ltd.

The Loobah Company Pvt.Ltd.

The Grob Company Pvt. Ltd.

The Methoni Tea Company Pvt.Ltd.

Diana Tea Company Pvt.Ltd.

F.T.C. Pvt.Ltd.

J.J. Exporters Pvt. Ltd.

Gloster Pvt.Ltd.

Tripurari Finvest Pvt. Ltd.

RSD Finance Pvt.Ltd.

Pankaj Priyank Pvt.Ltd.

P.R. Textile India Pvt. Ltd.

Sudha Apparels Pvt.Ltd.

N.R. Textile Industry Pvt. Ltd.

S.S. Guards Pvt. Ltd.

Bata India Pvt. Ltd.

M.V. Cotspin Pvt.Ltd.

Kamakha India Pvt. Ltd.

Our Category of Services

We provide security service in five categories. They are – security guard, bouncer, gunman, bodyguard and housekeeping. We provide the best end solution both in the sphere of homely and corporate ambience with equal coherence. Employees have fixed salary date which comes 2nd in every month regardless of the fact when we receive payment from respective companies. They can avail the facilities like PF,ESI, bonus, mediclaim and other provisions mentioned in Labour Act.

Our Security Measures

Allied Services:

In the section of allied services we provide carpenters, plumbers, electricians, plumbers, peons and drivers. We give instant solution to every major and minor problem. We are a group of Companies, with its office situated at the heart of Kolkata – Rajarhaat which is very much accessible from different parts of the city. We have a deft of manpower. So we are capable of providing replacement within the span of 24 hours.

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